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tortuga costa alegre

Tortuga at the Twin Waters Reserve consists of 110 hectares (271 acres) of beautiful Costa Alegre property on the Pacific Ocean, uniquely featuring both 3 miles of beach frontage and 6 miles of river frontage, south of Puerto Vallarta and north of the Costa Alegre Manzanillo International Airport. The Grand Isla Navidad Resort, Marina and Golf Course is nearby and new modern highway infrastructure is in place.

The State of Jalisco is currently investing heavily in additional infrastructure and services in support of increasing travel and visitation.

The confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Marabasco River mouth has created an exceptional tropical site – a temperate microclimate hosting exotic and abundant wildlife – surrounded by water. It will be possible to take a water taxi between the nearby international airport and the Tortuga property – truly, a unique means of arrival and departure.