crockett architects | Film Colony Residence 3

Film Colony Residence 3

The smallest of the houses is divided into two zones, public and private. The entry to the house is at the junction between them, a pivoting woven leather gate allows for privacy when required. The courtyard has an active wall of sliding, pivoting, swinging steel and glass doors to the bedrooms and baths. Additional skylights are provided for cross ventilation and light. The master bedroom has a private courtyard with a wood storage wall and a steel plate fireplace.  The visual form of the house is a black steel trowel plaster element, which encloses the living and dining area. Butt-joined glass roofs define the separation between them. The east wall of the living room with the fire slit window moves on a track north in front of the dining room glass wall, allowing the living room to completely open to the terrace and pool. Dotted lines show a horizontal and vertical fabric shading screen, which can be moved east and west to provide shading as needed for the east terrace or the entry courtyard.